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Another book in my favorite book series!
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Reader reviewed by Kate

This series is about four best friends. A very shy Lucy, Izzie who's really into music and is in a band, a bit of brainboxish T.J and Nesta who is half Jamican, half Italian and totally gorgeos.
In this book Nesta has to get braces. She loses her confidence and thinks no boy will ever like a "can opener". When Nesta has decided that while she is gonna be staying home for the next year she should at least work on her acting, and takes an acting class with Izzie. By Murpheys Law, when Nesta thought the acting classes were great and no one to be embaressed of was there, this totally gorgeous boy, Luke turns up. Luke helps Nesta regain her confidence but the book is mostly about something that happened in the past with Nestas and Lukes fathers.
I think this book is great, lots of my friends read it and they loved it. I'd probably recomend this book for grade 7's and up.
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