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Young Adult Fiction 319
The Ivory Key sibling angst and a magical treasure hunt.
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What I loved:
Four siblings are determined to finish what their Farther started, but each with their own political and personal reasons for continuing to search for the Ivory Key. Vira is the Marahania (the queen). Riya is the one who ran away and joined up with a gang called the Ravens. Ronaka wants to run away and forget everything but needs funding to do so, and last of all is Kaleb, who is imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. On top of the hunt for the ivory key their also a mysterious society and a lost city that will be unburied along the way. The Ivory Key is a fantastic way to start 2022 with this debut. The imagery of the lost city and the puzzles they have to solve to uncover more about the key were brilliant. At the heart of this story is family, and these siblings each have the emotional turmoil they are dealing with and how to rebuild relationships stretched to their limits.
Final Verdict:
I loved every page, the puzzles, the imagery, and the plot twist I never saw coming. Each sibling has a characteristic to love and one to hate. Each one believes their reason to find the Ivory Key is justified and what they choose to do with it once found. I am invested and sad that I have to wait a year to read the next one—a debut not to be missed.
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