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Nightrender is a captivating story for a better world
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Nightrender is a captivating dark young adult fantasy novel that incases the reader into a world of 3 kingdoms, a prince, a princess, and a dark force known as the Malstop. One savior has been called whenever this world has been threatened by the Malstop and the dark creatures it calls for, but something happened 400 years ago, and now no one wants to wake her. When Prince Rune does against his parents' wishes and awakens Nightrender, she remembers nothing about why the world no longer worships or wants her—as a result of the wound wrecked 400 years before, Malsites pockets that trap unsuspecting victims with no way to leave. Our princess is bound and determined to rule the world, and you never stop hearing her repeat this throughout the book; the prince wants to save the world with the Nightrender, and the other kingdoms want to destroy each other.
I loved the world-building and the intricate plot woven across these pages. We get three perspectives in the book, and each one adds just a bit more to the political battle being waged. The Nightrender was my favorite character as she is determined to recall what happened to make the people scared of her since they worship her as a God. She could go back to sleep and let the humans deal with the problem, but instead, she continues to battle on her own this war as she knows she must do so.
Final verdict: this is a duology, so their more story to be told once you reach the end of this one. With danger, magic, political drama, scheming, morally gray characters, and a fast-paced, high-stakes plot. Nightrender will not disappoint you.
Nightrender (Nightrender, #1)
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