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I really enjoyed these collection of short stories from the world of the Drake Chronicles!
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This is a collection of short stories from the world of the Drake Chronicles. I really enjoyed them all and think all fans do too!

A Killer First Date:

Nice! Finally Nicholas and Lucy get to on a date and it turns out to be double date with Quinn and Hunter!

A Field Guide to Vampires: Annotated by Lucy Hamilton:

This was a nice guide to get to know more about Helios-Ra. I liked how this was the copy Lucy stole from Kieran and her annotations are hilarious.

Corsets and Crossbows:

This was a story told through letters from Rosalind Wild -an ancestor of Hunter Wild- to a close friend during the year 1816. It was interesting and nice to know another Wild ended up with a vampire.

Lost Girls:

This was really great. I always wondered how Liam and Helena met and I was amazed. This just might be my favorite in this collection!

The Longest Night:

This novella is set 6 years after Blood Prophecy. It was great reading about Lucy, Nicholas, Solange and Kieran and to see how they are living their lives.

I liked how Lucy and Nicholas have set up a makeshift kind of home for wayward teens that are a mix of vampires and hunters.

New characters are introduced and Aggie and Callahan are the main focus among these new faces.

An exciting novella that I enjoyed reading!
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