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Mysterious, interesting, and captivating
(Updated: October 06, 2021)
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4.5 Stars!
The Midnight Dance was a mysterious, interesting, and captivating novel.
It had elements of suspense, mystery, action and some romance that made it really interesting. I was eager to see what would happen next! I also liked the ballerina theme, the characters and the intrigue of the novel.

The main character, Penny is one of eleven young girls in training to become the finest ballerinas in Italy. The school is overseen by the mysterious and secretive Master. This is the only life Penny has known, but when flashes of another life start appearing to Penny, she decides to find out the truth with the help of Cricket, the kitchen boy.

The plot was captivating and enticing and there were also some really great characters in The Midnight Dance. Penny was brave, resilient and eager to learn the truth while Cricket was supportive, helpful and understood Penny. I also liked how Cricket and Penny really got along.

I would recommend The Midnight Dance to fans of mystery and suspense!
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