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A Swashbuckling spy adventure meets Mail order bride
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What I Loved: In the first book in the Glittering Court Trilogy, we know that Adelaide’s friend Mirabel is keeping secrets and sneaking out at night. Mira's secrets are revealed in this second installment, Midnight Jewel.
She is a refugee of the war-torn country of Sirminica and faces many prejudices in her new country of Osfrid.
She takes an opportunity to travel to the new world of Adoria and settle in the colonies by joining the Glittering Court, a school dedicated to turning low-born women into ladies and marrying them off to the newly rich.
On the voyage over to the colonies, her fate becomes intertwined with Grant Elliott, a seemingly simple merchant. Then she blows his cover as a spy for The Adam’s company. She uses her position as a girl looking for a husband to help him uncover a plot to start a war with the Icori and break from the King’s rule. She proves her intelligence and strength with her nightly escapades of sneaking, spying, breaking and entering, and even working with pirates.
Through it all, she sees the uneven justice in the colonies. There is no set police force to ensure the very poor can have justice that the wealthy enjoys. Through spying and pirating she refines her morals and her desire to help the people.
She helps Grant not only with his case but with holding on to love and facing his reservations about relationships.
What Left Me Wanting More: As a companion book to Adelaide’s story, this story takes place back at the beginning of events for Adelaide. Since we presumably already are familiar with events from that book the first few 60 pages skims forward quickly on the plot. That leaves this story a bit difficult to settle into, even though it was good once it focused more on Mira’s adventures.
Final Verdict: I did enjoy Mira’s swashbuckling spy adventure once it settled into her story. This story would not be as easy to read out of order or without the first book for context. This story takes place in an alternate world and different religious context, but it had the feel of when England was establishing American colonies and fighting for land rights with the Indians.
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