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TEEN TITANS: BEAST BOY LOVES RAVEN is an engaging new graphic novel that continues the origin stories of Beast Boy and Raven with an intriguing meet-cute. Both Beast Boy and Raven are searching for a way to control the powers that rage within. Their search has led them to Slade Wilson, who has offered them help when they most need it. Each has traveled to Nashville separately to find him - although Raven was unknowingly tailed by her foster sister.

As they seem to keep running into each other while they wait for Slade, they cannot help getting to know the other and enjoying their new connection - not realizing how similar they truly are. When it is time for each to meet Slade, they are in for an unbelievable shock - and meeting another new ally.

What I loved: This was an unexpected graphic novel that takes time for characters to meet, enjoy Nashville, and fall in love. Although there is some action, danger, and suspense elements to the end that add an extra level to their connection, the book spends time allowing them to really find their own ways together in a city that doesn't consider hot dogs meat. There are several moments, where the reader cannot help but cheer for them to be together, such as when caring for each other, being genuine, and willing to do anything for the other. There is also a side-plot with Raven's foster sister and the new character that I absolutely enjoyed as well. I found each of the young characters to be really compelling, and I am excited to see how they will continue to develop.

The art in the book is really fantastic, and the words are just icing on the cake - so much of the story is told through the images with plenty of expressive and emotive illustrations. They really bring the story to life, and I appreciated the sparse text in places that really allows them to tell the story. The use of color and key details drives the book, and it's really well done.

What left me wanting more: As a small point, quite a bit of the text is in thought bubbles, with a slight color around the border to designate whose thought it is. I found this difficult to follow in places, as the color did not always stand-out, and it required some additional thought to remember whose color was which. While they do drive the plot forward and give additional character insight, I did find that it took me out of the story a bit with so many.

Final verdict: With compelling characters and a sweet romance, TEEN TITANS: BEAST BOY LOVES RAVEN is an engaging new graphic novel in this thrilling series. I would recommend reading the past books in order to understand each of these characters better before reading this one, though it is a charming read regardless!
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