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I'M WITH THE BANNED is an intriguing continuation in a fun vampire series, full of sarcasm, surprises, and plenty of unsavory undead. Tansy is now a striga vie, a vampire-witch hybrid, and queen of the vampires. She really just wants everything to get back to normal, with her newly instated rules in place for vampire-kind. However, it seems like life has other plans. Her boyfriend seems to be avoiding her, her BFF's ex is back in town, and the obnoxious vampire band has come back as a country-western group with a whole new vocabulary.

As Tansy tries to figure out what strange things are afoot, she begins to navigate paranormal being politics, solve werewolf murders, and maintain her relationship with her boyfriend. Easy-peasy, right?

I really enjoy the sarcastic voice that is used throughout the book, as well as the sweet romance. Even though it takes a backseat to all the other major events, she and Vaughn are so great together, and it was lovely to see them navigate new challenges. The mystery of the book, while parts were unpredictable, I found some of it a little too easy to predict. That being said, the journey was still pretty fun, though the sarcasm is pretty heavy at times. I did appreciate some of the unexpected twists that came later about Tansy's family.

A major theme of this book was around trust and communication, as Tansy tries to figure things out and maintain her relationships with her grandmother, boyfriend, and BFF. This added an intriguing layer to the plot, which manages to be mostly a humorous, paranormal mystery/suspense. I absolutely adored the subplots of the hellcats, complete with pies. They might be my new favorite characters.

The book does end with a bit of a cliffhanger, and while we get some answers, the big resolutions are yet to come. This is definitely a series I am curious to continue.

Overall, I'M WITH THE BANNED is an intriguing sequel to a sarcastic and entertaining YA fantasy suspense. Recommend for people who like their vampires evil (and not so handsome).
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