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Young Adult Fiction 338
A whirlwind of a follow up.
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A whirlwind of a follow up.

The Story:
Eva and Ari are out of reach of their enemies... they think. They've escaped their small world only find the dangers that lurked there for them haven't disappeared on the outside. The commonwealth wants to destroy their resistance and will use any methods to do it. But more than that, they want Eva because she's not just a girl. She's a weapon. One whose new role may prevent her from what she truly wants. A new life with Ari by her side.

What I loved: Is everything a good answer? This book is fantastic. It's written in this gorgeous lyrical way that makes for brilliant storytelling. It's been a long time since I read a book that was written so well. The characters are absolutely fantastic. Ari is loyal and strong, just what Eva needs even when others are pulling her in different directions.
There are a million twists and turns that keep the story moving from point to point at a rapid pace without ever letting the reader get lost. It's truly wonderful storytelling.

What I didn't like: That I have to wait for the next book.

Final Verdict: A wonderfully written tale of love and heartbreak set in a fascinating dystopian world that's impossible to look away from.
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