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The past is prologue
(Updated: August 28, 2021)
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What I Loved: Dark and Shallow Lies is raw and utterly compelling as Grey returns to her second home in La Cachette, Louisiana. There she must face the uncertainty of her best friend and most beloved almost twin, Elora’s disappearance. Among the swampy heat of her childhood, she starts to come into her powers that aren’t quite what she thinks they are. Ginny Myers Sain sets an unrelenting pace that is haunting as each of Grey's friends do what they can to help and move on best they can. Elora may have been the one to disappear that night, but slowly the rest are fading away under the strain of their emotions. Friends become suspects while a mysterious ally becomes something more than a friend, but possibly her greatest enemy.
There are so many twists and turns as this story unfolds that I literally couldn’t stop reading till the end. The magic is inherent to the setting and natural for the progression of events. Grey faces down a literal Level 5 Hurricane and her closest loves to finally find the truth of what happened the night Elora disappeared. The ending was complete, although not everyone made it out of the catastrophic truths that are revealed.
Final Verdict: Dark and Shallow Lies may happen in a sleepy southern community, but the secrets it holds are all-consuming. The pain of the past doesn't end suffering, but it must be faced to move on. This tale will stick with you once the pages are all turned. Highly recommend it, but you know maybe not on a dark and stormy night!
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