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Everything I know about K-pop comes from thirsty Twitter fancams, what has made it into the American mainstream, and an expose or two. Basically, I’m a newbie and know very little about it. A K-pop-related, Hong Kong-set rom-com from Maurene Goo, though? Sign me up!

Lucky is just a stage name, but she’s lived up to it and then some. Brought into the K-pop training program when she was freshly into puberty, Lucky is now the biggest thing in South Korea and is getting ready to make her American debut on late night TV. It hasn’t come without cost, though. Lucky struggles with sleep and anxiety, she’s on a restrictive diet, she has no musical or personal freedom, and performing is just a routine now when she used to genuinely love it. Her late-night quest for a hamburger brings her into contact with Jack, a reluctant paparazzo who helps her out and sees has as the way to finance his dreams of going to college for photography. That’s where our story begins.

Somewhere Only We Know is primarily about three things: Lucky and Jack chafing in the restrictive lives they’re living, the many beautiful sights of Hong Kong, and the food. Oh my Goooooooood, the food. Have some snacks ready because all the goodies they sample during their tourist day will make you hungry. Though things predictably blow up when Lucky realizes Jack initially planned to cash in on their day out, they go through enough together to find the courage they need to live their lives without compromising themselves. What I wouldn’t give to see Lucky’s Tonight Show performance for real!

This delightful novel confirms Goo’s status as one of the best current writers of fluffy YA contemps with sharp, truthful edges. Somewhere Only We Know is my favorite of hers thus far. Not a doubt in my mind about that.
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