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YOU WERE MADE FOR ME is a comedic YA contemporary/magical read about two friends, Katie and Libby, who somewhat accidentally make a guy - the perfect guy based on his looks alone. Whether it was the special clay they used, the weird things that happened that day, or the science experimentation that one of them did, they ended up with Guy, the perfectly handsome 6' tall Hemsworth look-alike who is now dating Katie (Libby is already taken).

Katie has always wanted her first kiss to be perfect with the perfect guy and perfect timing. At 16, she is starting to feel like something is wrong with her that it hasn't happened yet. When her perfect guy comes to life, Katie is excited and nervous - but it turns out that maybe perfect isn't really as perfect as she thought.

What I loved: There is some really fun banter in the book, as it is a recording of Katie's about what happened to create Guy and the events following with plentiful interjections from Libby. It reads like passed notes at times, and this cute vibe gives the story some character. The ultimate messages around perfection and the gap in between appearance and fit in a partner were cute. I also appreciated the themes of self-esteem and friendship that underlie the story - Katie experiences a lot of growth on both throughout the book.

What left me wanting more: I had some trouble with the bullying, which has been somewhat addressed by adults but not enough as it is still ongoing. I also would have loved to dive deeper into the characters, as we mostly hear from Katie, and I wanted to know more about Theo and Libby.

Final verdict: Comedic and silly, YOU WERE MADE FOR ME is a cute YA contemporary read about friendship, self-esteem, and the things we think we want. Recommend for older middle grade through YA readers.
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