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Young Adult Fiction 778
I Am Margaret Moore
(Updated: July 14, 2021)
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Each summer four friends of Deck Five come back to Marshall Naval School. Since this summer is the final one, all the friends want to make it memorable. But some things refuse to be silent which include a deadly secret no one will speak of. A secret that might drive the friends apart.

What worked: This is a paranormal thriller that is guaranteed to keep the reader guessing. Once I started reading this novel, I couldn't put it down!

Something sinister occured at Marshall Naval School. Those who attend only speak in whispers of the rumors. The protagonist of this story introduces us to her three best friends. Rose, the general's daughter. Nisreen and Flor who have their own secret.

I admit, the lyrical writing had me confused a few times. I had to go back and reread to make sure I understood what was going on with the friends. The protagonist isn't named at the beginning. The interactions between the friends are more shown in flashback scenes to a terrible time that involved a secret that the adults in charge of the Naval School are willing to cover up in order to protect someone.

The tension of the story slowly builds to the reveal of the protagonist that has a Macbeth feel going for it. Haunting and stirring the reader sees what finally did happen that one fateful day and how it tested the very fibers of a group of friends.

Atmospheric thriller with a supernatural feel that reminds one of those campfire ghost tales, only in this case the person is in fact real.
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Lyrical spooky thriller
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