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satisfying conclusion to a compelling YA fantasy trilogy
(Updated: June 26, 2021)
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THE CHARIOT AT DUSK is a solid conclusion to an engaging YA fantasy series. Esha is holding the country together by posing as Reha, the lost queen, while her people search for her and Kunal. She is ruling as best she knows how, but it is difficult when the land is still suffering from the loss of magic. Kunal and Reha are in a rush to get to the temple to try to fix the janma bond before it is too late. In the decade since the renewal had been performed correctly, the land is crumbling.

When they arrive, they learn that they are already too late, and the race is now on to restore the bond before the Yavar, led by Yimini, beat them to it and swing the scales to the Southern lands. At the same time, Vardaan has gathered his own troops and mercenaries to retake the kingdom. It seems as if they are fighting from all sides, all while trying to decipher the old scrolls and messages that may lead them to being able to fix the janma bond.

What I loved: This series is truly unique, and I love the use of magic as it relates to the land and the manifestation of shifter powers in the royal lines. As the Viper, Esha has been fighting for so long, and now that she is close to having what she wanted, she must redefine who she is and who she needs to be. The romances she has really evolve here, and the reader gets closure on her choices and the love triangle that appeared. I really appreciated the character growth in this final book for all of the main characters, including Reha, Esha, Harun, and Kunal. They have really come into their own, and the final resolution allows these evolutions to shine.

The plot here was really intriguing with a bit of a mythology/archeological race to figure out where the artifacts have been hidden and the place in which the ceremony would need to be performed to restore the janma bond. The world-building in this series has been really fantastic, and this final book develops the mythology even more. The compelling characters and intricately constructed world really make this series and final book shine. The ending was also satisfying, and fans of the trilogy will enjoy the way everything evolved and the way that it ended, keeping in mind the themes of revenge, oppression, right to rule, and justice that have been central to the series.

Final verdict: Atmospheric, complex, and satisfying, THE CHARIOT AT DUSK is a well-constructed conclusion to an engaging YA fantasy trilogy. Highly recommend this series to fans of AN EMBER IN THE ASHES, THE REMNANT CHRONICLES, and WE HUNT THE FLAME.
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