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GEARBREAKERS is a thrilling YA sci-fi/dystopian read. Godolia rules with an iron fist, using modified humans as their weapons to kill anyone who doesn't fall perfectly in line. Sona is the newest person to be modified into someone who is part machine, unable to feel pain and can interlace with their machine weaponry known as Windups. Her assignment is to the Valkyrie unit, a new mechanical that is thought to be invincible. What Godolia does not know is that Sona has allowed herself to be turned into what she hates because she thinks it is the best way to get revenge for their slaughter of her parents and whole town when she was little.

When her unit captures a Gearbreaker, a rebel who works to take apart machines, Sona sees this as her chance. The Gearbreaker is Eris, known as Frostbringer for the cryo gloves she uses to freeze and destroy the Windups. As they interact, they forge a bond that is hard to break with the end of Godolia in sight.

What I loved: This was absolutely action-packed with lots of battle scenes and cool future tech. The world-building was really interesting, and the reader is thrown into this dangerous and technologically advanced world. I found the characters really compelling, and I appreciated the insight we get into Sona and Eris's pasts. They each have dealt with a lot of pain and loss and been thrust into a war that they are trying to play a role within. I really liked the connection that develops between them and the LGBT romance. The other characters were also some that I would have loved to know even more about. The histories of the other Gearbreakers and Windups would have been intriguing to know more about and to understand why people are on the other side of Godolia.

What left me wanting more: As a small thing, the beginning is a bit hard to follow, as the reader is thrust into the action and trying to figure out this world, but you can definitely find your footing before too long.

Final verdict: An engaging sci-fi read, GEARBREAKERS is the start of a YA series that I am eager to follow. Recommend for fans of THE MAZE RUNNER, SHATTER ME, and UNDER THE NEVER SKY.
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