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Heiress Apparently
(Updated: June 12, 2021)
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What worked: This was a fun take on Crazy Rich Asians meets descendants of Empress Regent of China. Gemma Huang is taking a Gap year after high school to focus on an acting career. This is very realistic portrayal of what some teens do now. Her Chinese mother pressures Gemma be more serious about her future which includes attending college. One thing though her mother insists is that Gemma never go to Bejing. This only has Gemma curious on why her mother doesn't want her to go there.

I liked Gemma's reaction when she steps off the plane in Bejing and is mistaken for a socialite. Readers get a glimpse into another view of China that isn't on social media. Gemma is curious, determined, and not afraid to search out a mystery behind her own parent's past. The interactions with a cousin she never knew about, along with her trying to overcome stereotypes out there on Chinese characters in the movie world are very real. This also includes her standing up to homophobic stereotypes.

The bubbling romance between her and Eric is one that starts off on the wrong foot, but he ends up becoming her ally while she faces Chinese relatives she never knew about.

There is mention of Tienanmen Square and how the Chinese government basically had it erased. I did want to know more on what the consequences would be if an American persisted in knowing more about that day. I felt the author glossed over that and also how important Communist leaders were also erased from a Google search.

Fun YA meets CRAZY RICH ASIANS. This is part of a series on descendants of the Chinese Dynasty. Kuddos on having a Chinese American protagonist in a romantic Rom-Com world.
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