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AGAIN AGAIN is an intriguing YA contemporary that tells the story of Adelaide's summer. Adelaide is still reeling from her brother's addiction and rehab stays as well as her boyfriend who told her he loved her and then said he had lied when he unexpectedly dumped her. The first part tells the story of how she meets Jack, a boy that had written her a poem long before this all happened, but who never followed up with a phone call. The story is woven with possible other dimensions/universes where similar situations happen but in a different way.

The second part becomes deeper as we learn more about her brother, her grief, and the difficulty in their relationship, which largely stems from addiction. The parts after this become something even deeper, as we begin to see Adelaide embrace herself, decide how to relate with her family, and resolve the major issues seen earlier.

What I loved: The later parts make this an emotional and touching read, and I particularly appreciated the scenes with Adelaide's brother. This theme of addiction, grief, and family was really strong, and I appreciated the emotion and potency of it. The possible deviations from key moments really worked here, and I found this to be particularly unique and fascinating in these scenarios. The romantic relationships evolved in a way that I found interesting, but the earlier sections were more challenging to get into.

What left me wanting more: The first part of the book was particularly difficult to read, as the scenarios became confusing, and it was not really clear what was happening. It took some extra time to try to understand, and the payoff was not really there, as the plots felt somewhat random. This did become more clear with the later situations.

Final verdict: AGAIN AGAIN is an intriguing YA contemporary about family, grief, love, and addiction.
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