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SISTER OF THE BOLLYWOOD BRIDE is an engaging YA contemporary read about sisterhood, family, and community with a dash of romance. Mini, short for Padmini, loves fashion and her family. Her sister, Vinnie, has just announced that she is getting married while in the process of switching from medical school to residency. Knowing that her sister does not have time to plan the wedding, Mini decides to take on the task. Since their mother died a few years earlier, Mini feels like she needs to step up to do this wedding for not only her sister, but also in the way her mother would have wanted.

As she plans the wedding, she finds herself rallying her community around her. Planning a wedding is no easy task. The universe seems aligned against her at times, but with her won't-quit attitude, Mini Kapoor is going to put together the best wedding she can and one that will be perfect for her sister Vinnie.

What I loved: There are a lot of great moments around family and sisterhood, not only with Mini and her sister, but also with her mother's sister and her relationships with extended family. Particularly powerful in the book was the show of community as others step in to help Mini to plan the perfect wedding. The book spends a lot of time planning (and then some re-planning) the wedding, but I also particularly enjoyed those moments spent outside it.

Mini feels a lot of pressure to major in something STEM-related like her sister when she goes to school, but her passion really lies with fashion and design. As she works on the wedding, she is also beginning to learn that her passion is also a talent. The romance was also really cute, and I loved their meet-cute and the way things slowly developed. I would have loved even more of this cute rom-com couple!

The book manages to mix in a lot of humor throughout, and it was a very charming read. I would definitely recommend for people who enjoy rom-coms and particularly wedding-themed reads.

Final verdict: Overall, SISTER OF THE BOLLYWOOD BRIDE is a sweet YA contemporary read that shows the power of community, family, and persistence. Recommend for fans of SAVE THE DATE, WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI, and ALWAYS AND FOREVER.
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