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TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT is an unexpected YA contemporary read, told from three perspectives. Kat, Stevie, and Teri are all good friends from the intense theater club at their Connecticut high school. The book begins with them eagerly anticipating the casting list (well, at least for Kat) for the Shakespeare play they will be putting on. The casting list being postponed starts a series of errors that quickly take their Friday night off the rails.

Kat and Stevie use Teri as their cover to head into NYC alone for the night, supposedly to enjoy Stevie's birthday dinner - but Kat has an ulterior motive. As the pieces of their night begin to go haywire, they will need to reevaluate their friendship, priorities, and deal with everything life seems determined to throw their way, beginning with a forgotten cell phone.

What I loved: This book is anything but boring, and there was a lot happening throughout. There are definitely some humorous moments that keep a light-hearted nature to these series of misfortunes. I also appreciated the light romances that help to carry the plot forward, with some really fun characters sprinkled throughout. There are some themes that are interesting around family/stepsiblings difficulty and misunderstandings, the importance of digging a bit deeper, the power of friendship, and cellphone use. This was definitely an entertaining read that kept the pages turning and laughter coming.

What left me wanting more: I found some of the themes to be a bit troubling, such as the frequent lying to parents, which could have ended more dangerously, and the repeated pretending of a dog to be service dog (it was definitely not - a really bad practice for people who really need them and for those with allergies). The characters were often selfish and inconsiderate, and it was hard to feel too badly for them when their plots seemed to fail. It also treats a lot of themes very lightly, with a mugging that turns into humor and a kidnapping that was frightening but somehow turned into a government spy thing with little kids pulled in (this book got pretty WILD). It does ask the reader to suspend disbelief and the side plot with Teri felt like a whole other story.

Final verdict: With a lot of mishaps, wild adventures, and humor, TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT is an overall entertaining YA contemporary fiction.
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