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ALL KINDS OF OTHER is an intriguing YA contemporary that follows two boys as they start at a new school. Jules loves playing basketball and is often endearingly awkward. He has left a private school because of bullying and come out to his family and some friends as gay. As he starts at the public school in LA where he lives, he sees a guy that he wants to be closer to and learn more about, who he finds out is named Jack.

Jack is trans and gay, and he is not out at this new school after the experiences he had at his old school in Pittsburgh. He came with his father out to LA, where his dad is hoping to break into acting. He also feels a pull towards Jules, but he is wary of getting too close. Then, someone sends around a video Jack had made with a friend when he was beginning to transition, and he has been outed to the school - and to Jules.

As Jules tries to understand what this means, his mother's prejudices run rampant and bullies at school have a new target. Even the GSA does not seem to be inclusive of all the letters in the LGBTQ+ members they are there to support. When the dust settles, where will they land?

What I loved: The major theme of the book is around the need for trans allyship and understanding. This comes up through past events and with the fallout of the forced outing, as we see the social, emotional, and even physical danger that trans people face in modern society. Even when people are accepting of the other letters, that T in the LGBTQ+ does not get the same recognition or understanding that it deserves. Through the story, readers can begin to understand what a true ally does/should do, understand the person, and also understand what is unacceptable (eg, dead-naming or asking about level of transition).

I found both characters compelling. They both have their own obstacles, but I loved watching them grow and fall in love through the book. The inclusion of blog posts, transcripts of youtube videos, and text messages add to the modern love story elements.

Bullying is also another theme of the book, and through the story, we can also see the power that allies can have to stop these destructive events and, most importantly, help support the individual being bullied (the value of knowing someone cares and sees you), as well as the importance of getting adults involved.

What left me wanting more: As a minor point, I found myself getting lost in the earlier parts of the book where I was trying to keep track of who was who and other characters who were appearing in blog posts. This does get smoother later on, when we understand who they are, but makes for a bit of a slow start. It is definitely worth sticking with it.

Final verdict: A powerful YA contemporary romance read, ALL KINDS OF OTHER combines compelling characters with thought-provoking themes into a coming-of-age book that will stick with the reader for some time. Highly recommend picking this one up on its own, as part of a book club, or in the classroom.
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