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THAT WAY MADNESS LIES is an enthralling YA short story collection of Shakespearean retellings. With many notable authors on the docket, the book is divided into comedies, a sonnet, tragedies, and late romance. Each story has its own flavor, as per the different inspirations and the different authors. Similarly, the variety means there will be stories to suit different readers throughout.

Some of the stories really blew me away, and I would have loved to have read a full novel in their worlds. For instance, "Severe Weather Warning" inspired by The Tempest features a depth of character that I really enjoyed with a character dealing with her feelings about her sister, the boy who was her first kiss, and the tornado watch that is preventing her from taking her sister to the airport. I also really enjoyed "Elsinore," a story inspired by Hamlet with vampires. I'm a big fan of Twelfth Night, and I also appreciated the story inspired by it, "Shipwrecked," and I would totally love to read a whole book about Vi.

The book also contains excerpted texts from Shakespeare that add to the overall inspiration of each story and fun for fans of the Bard. Some short stories also include an author's note which provides additional context and was really interesting. There are dark stories, light stories, compelling stories, and plenty to enjoy throughout. I would highly recommend for fans of Shakespeare and short story collections. THAT WAY MADNESS LIES is a delightful and enthralling new collection.
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