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THE CASTLE SCHOOL (FOR TROUBLED GIRLS) is a story of healing and friendship. Moira has been cast adrift since the death of her BFF, Nathan. She feels so much guilt about a promise she broke and she misses him terribly. After she gets a tattoo, which is forbidden because of her Jewish faith, her parents tell her that they are sending her to The Castle School, which seems like a new age reform school.

Moira arrives feeling rejected and highly skeptical of the school and its mission. There are eleven other girls there, who are each dealing with their own issues. They have group therapy in the morning, followed by a loose class, and then personal therapy in the afternoon. When Moira finds the lock on the window broken, she sneaks out and finds another Castle School that seems completely different, beginning with the students being boys.

As Moira spends time with the girls at the school, she begins to learn more about herself, her emotions, and how to move forward. The book is told mostly from Moira's perspective over time, with interludes from each of the girls in the school about the way that they developed the symptom that led them to The Castle School. I found the writing to be compelling, and although it seemed like a mystery/thriller, this ended up being more of a contemporary fiction about grief and healing.

The story took a few twists I was not expecting, but I found it all to come together fairly well. I appreciated seeing Moira's interactions with the others and getting insights into her therapy, as well as glimpses into her past and how these reflections change over time. The pacing seemed to change between the beginning, middle, and end, and the tone similarly changed. While it was not what I expected, I did appreciate the story. I really found the interludes of each of the girls to be particularly compelling, almost as short stories that pulled the reader in and which could have stood alone.

Overall, I found it to be a compelling YA contemporary.
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