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Following 5 teens trying to survive, THE SHADOW WAR imagines World War II with a shadow realm involved. Liam, brilliant young genius, found the shadow realm while studying at Princeton, and he knows it could change the entire course of the war. He just has to make sure the Nazis can't use it as well. Siblings Daniel and Rebeka barely escaped when the Nazis killed their family, and they want revenge. Phillip is looking to make a difference and prove himself. Simone is helping the Resistance while recovering from a broken heart. When their journeys intersect, they will have to band together to help take down the evil that is all around them.

What I Liked:
-The premise: I love books set in history that add something to it, whether it's supernatural, fantastical, etc. Lindsay Smith does a remarkable job making something terrifying (Nazis) become even more monstrous with shadows. With Liam, we also get a cool idea of how the realm is imaginable in scientific theories. One of my favorite scenes is when Liam and Phillip get to geek out over science and engineering for a bit when they meet.

-The romance: I wasn't expecting romance to have as much of a presence, but THE SHADOW WAR offers several deep, emotional romances. Liam and Daniel brought many a swoon, and Phillip and Rebeka had a beautiful rising tension. I think Simone's relationship with [redacted for spoilers] had such an unexpected journey that had me tearing up.

-The theme of what it means to do good: Each of the 5 people we follow have different methods of doing good and fighting evil. They make you feel the true sacrifice and risk that often comes with doing the right thing. We meet a few side characters who want to help the Resistance, but they aren't willing to take the risk to do much to actually help, and they refuse to believe the Nazis are actually killing people. It echoes so much of what can be seen in many periods of war and atrocities when people chose convenience over actively doing good. Our 5 protagonists show that fighting evil is never easy but it is absolutely necessary, risks and all.

What Left Me Wanting More:
-The narration/the plot: With 5 protagonists, having 1 narrator (Cary Hite) for them all was difficult. There wasn't a very distinct range of character voices, so at times, it was easy to get lost in where I was at in the story and who's POV was happening. This also made it hard to tell if I was primarily struggling with the narration or the plot. However, the accents (primarily German and American) in general were really well done, as was the big climax fight scene.

While I wasn't sold on the plot and narration, overall, THE SHADOW WAR is a powerful examination of war, sacrifice, survival, and love perfect for those who like historical fiction with a twist.
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