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SOMEWHERE BETWEEN BITTER AND SWEET is a highly devourable YA romance/contemporary fiction. The story follows two young adults, Pen and Xander. Pen works at her father's restaurant and one day dreams of opening her own bakery. Her parents have a different dream for her, and they have enrolled her in college - but it is not the future she wants. When she reveals the lie she has been telling her parents, she gets an ultimatum she never anticipated - but she is ready to rise from the ashes.

Xander is undocumented and lives with his abuelo. He knows his father is somewhere in the United States but hasn't heard from him or seen him since he was little. He really wants to be able to find him, but it is difficult to find someone who does not seem to want to be found. When he is given an opportunity to work at Pen's father's restaurant, he is surprised at how much of a family the workers all are and the unexpected ways in which they serve the community.

As Xander and Pen collide, their worlds are certain to change.

What I loved: Although the romance is powerful and strong (a totally ship-worthy couple), the book really shines for its many critical and potent themes. There is a theme about mental illness that is handled fairly well, particularly in terms of insights into the way it must be culturally ignored but also in the strength of facing it and seeking treatments (in the past). There are also really strong themes about family - both blood and found families, and the importance of those relationships in life and for personal growth.

There are also some deeper themes around the fear and uncertainties with being undocumented. Xander must always keep this in mind, and it's a heavy weight. The book also touches on predatory lending and the inability of law enforcement to adequately protect the people it serves around these issues as well as the ability of the wealthy and powerful to stand above it all.

There is a lot of love in the book that really shines through. There is friend love, family love, romantic love, neighborly love, community love, and so many more threads that connect these characters to the people around them. I definitely fell in love with all of it. Xander and Pen felt so genuine and real, as well as those characters around them - this book really brought this world to life, and I loved every second spent in it.

This was a highly emotional read and gave me all the feels. It's difficult to express all of them here, but I really enjoyed the sorrow, the depth, and the happiness that I experienced throughout. On a lighter note, I also felt pretty hungry, because the food passion also shines through the characters.

Final verdict: A powerful, genuine, and touching read, SOMEWHERE BETWEEN BITTER AND SWEET is a thought-provoking YA contemporary fiction that is positively unputdownable. Highly recommend for fans of TWEET CUTE, STAY SWEET, and NORTH OF HAPPY.
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