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Young Adult Fiction 1385
The Afterlife of the Party
(Updated: February 01, 2021)
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It all started when Tansy's BFF Skyler insisted she go to a party to meet her new boyfriend. At first Tansy doesn't want to go, but in the end does. Her friend Vaughn comes along with them. Tansy's been crushing on him and finds out he's now single. But no sooner does Tansy let that news settle in, then they arrive at the party. Right off the bat, she senses something isn't right. Girls are dressed in white and there's a band that sounds terrible. Yet girls are mesmerized by Travis, the lead singer of the band The Drainers. When Tansy's separated from Skyler, she searches for her and finds herself in a dangerous situation. Seems vampires are real after all and nothing like Twilight's Edward.

What worked: This is a sassy, engaging twist on the usual hot vamps stories. Yay! There's nothing sparkly about these vampires.

Another huge plus with this story is the message of consent and how it's beyond wrong to force a girl to do something she doesn't want to do. No means just that. No. The band members take away the right of these girls to choose and force them to be nothing more than a food source.

Tansy also happens to be a witch. Her librarian grandmother and her book club help her with how to deal with these vampires, especially after Skylar runs off with Travis.

There's humorous dialogue with snarky comebacks from Tansy throughout. Plus, the bubbling romance between Tansy and Vanghn grows as they go after Travis and his blood-sucking band in hopes to rescue Skylar before it's too late. Tansy in the meantime has her own encounter with Travis that has her changing too. I really liked how readers see her loyalty to Skylar, even when her friend pushes her away.

Fast-paced paranormal where loyalty is put to the ultimate test. Add a cute non-vamp boy, kick-butt heroine, and a new paranormal world readers will love to come to. This is the first book in a three-book series. Can't wait to read the next book!
Good Points
1. Engaging vamp story
2. Twist on the whole 'cute' vamps stories
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