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Teen Titans: Beast Boy Review
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I am seriously loving this Teen Titans series so much. Watching the show growing up, it means a lot to me seeing them come to print form this way. While I loved all of the characters, I really enjoyed Beast Boy. There was so much to his character and this novel really shows it. His personality is comical but he has so much care and depth to him. In this novel, Gar's background is a little more explored. How he becomes Beast Boy, and why he relies on his comical relief so much. His story was even better than I could have imagined.

I really liked how Gar was portrayed in this novel. It's refreshing to see the other side of his personality besides his goofy self. His self doubt is prevalent and I really like how he knows exactly what he wants to be. He realizes that the popularity isn't everything but he just wanted to know what it was like. There is not one person who says they really don't want to know. But Stella and Tank are always there to make sure he doesn't lose himself. As he is coming into his powers, it was nice to see the subtle way creatures reacted to him. Kami did such a great job writing his character out and really making us understand how he feels. And Gabriel's illustrations are phenomenal. I love the way he is drawing these characters and everything is so beautifully done.

I highly recommend this series. You don't have to be a fan of the original Teen Titans in order to get into this. It was so much fun to read the background story of Gat and I cannot wait to see where this story goes. The art is beautiful and really portrays the wonderful story Kami has written.
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