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THE AFTERLIFE OF THE PARTY is a YA vampire book for anyone who doesn't want to make out with the undead (finally!). This charming book is full of comedy, action, and plenty of mystery. Tansy is a witch, taught mainly by her grandmother. When her BFF asks her to come to a party to meet her rebound boyfriend, Tansy can't help but agree. However, her friend, Skyler, has been acting strangely lately, and when they get to the party, Tansy is shocked by how the horrible music she heard in the car suddenly sounds incredible live.

Skyler is dating the lead singer of this paradoxical band, and while she is hanging off his every word, he is hitting on Tansy. Tansy immediately dislikes him and even more so when she realizes he is a vampire who has been draining her BFF- and who bites her to boot. When he absconds with Skylar, Tansy absolutely will not abide. With the advice from her grandmother witch and her bookclub coven and accompanied by her other-best-friend-and-long-time-crush, Vaughn, Tansy sets out to save Skyler and stop these terrible musicians/vampires on their quest to destroy as many lives as possible.

What I loved: This is an absolutely delightful anti-vampire YA fantasy read. I loved Tansy, Vaughn, and her awesome grandmother. The book has a lot of fun humor sprinkled throughout all the (light) horror/action, making it a delightful dark comedy. For anyone who dislikes Twilight, this is a vampire read they can really get behind.

The romance was really cute, and I loved all the fun revelations they have along the way. It builds with a great pace and they are a couple the reader can easily cheer for. I love how passionate Tansy is about helping others, starting with her BFF, but unable to leave anyone who needs help behind. Although there are some stumbles along the way, she is a really courageous and clever heroine. Add that to the swoony scenes with Vaughn (the hotel only has 1 bed!) and vampire hunting, and this is a really fun read. There are some other side characters we meet along the way that I totally enjoyed and would love to read their stories too (such as those from the council).

Final verdict: Funny, charming, and clever, THE AFTERLIFE OF THE PARTY is a great YA fantasy for anyone who would rather not kiss the undead. This dark comedy is a delightful read, and I would definitely love to see more of Tansy and this world in the future.
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