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Super Fake Love Song is about Sunny Dae, a Korean American teenager who is a mega-nerd trying to survive at his wealthy, white California high school. He is introduced to Cirrus Soh, a very cool, worldly, beautiful girl. To impress her, he impulsively tells her he is the front man of a rock band. He starts wearing his rocker older brother's clothes. He ropes his friends Milo and Jamal into forming a rock band to maintain the deception. Along the way, Sunny's perception of himself and those around him changes. He gains confidence. His relationship with his older brother and family improves.
Super Fake Love Song is hilariously, cleverly funny. Gut busting, roll-on-the-floor funny. David Yoon definitely has a way with words. Because I am an ancient, pre-internet fossil, I was a huge fan of the John Hughes movies from the 80s. In many ways this book echoes the themes of those movies: breaking down stereotypes, dysfunctional families, being true to, and standing up for yourself. Super Fake Love Song goes further and also addresses racism and diversity. The characters were relatable. I loved Sunny's friends Milo and Jamal. I thought they were the big heroes of the story in terms of standing by Sunny throughout all the insanity. Super Fake Love Song is a funny, fast-paced entertaining read that also makes the reader think.
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