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Mind the Gap, Dash & Lily
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Endearing characters readers have loved are now in London during the Christmas break. Dash has just finished finals at Oxford, the college of his dreams. Or so he thought. Lily has decided to 'surprise' him and show up. Only things aren't so perfect as either character had hoped.

What worked: I really love this series! The audio book does a great job of switching back and forth from Dash and Lily's POV that feels realistic and true to their characters. Lily is the eternal optimist and Dash's excitment of getting into Oxford slowly turns to disallusion. The pacing throughout December in London is fast and filled with the quirkness that readers have learned to expect. The count down to Christmas in England is not only shown through both Dash and Lily's POV, but also has them coming to terms on what paths they need to further persue. Their separation and then later reunion isn't what they thought it would be. I also love the addition of the hip grandmother and other British Christmas traditions.

Engaging, hilarious at times, coming of age tale where it's okay to question your path. Filled with lots of Christmas cheer and fun.
Good Points
1. Endearing characters
2. Quirky, fun
3. Christmas in London!
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