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Now that the Dark Queen has risen, Guinevere and Arthur must do everything they can to keep Camelot safe. However, since Mordred's betrayal, Guinevere is paranoid of everyone. She has a handful of people she can trust, like Lancelot and Arthur, but when Guinevere's sister Guinevach shows up, everything they've been planning is at risk of backfiring.

But everyone loves Guinevach and Guinevere can't help but feel jealous. Guinevere may be queen, but she doesn't feel like she truly belongs in Camelot, an outsider in her own home. As Guinevere faces new trials and challenges, she realizes that even her magic can be destructive and dark. Trying to find a place in the world, Guinevere realizes one thing is certain: she will do anything to protect Camelot and Arthur. No matter the cost.

THE CAMELOT BETRAYAL is the second installment of the Camelot Rising Series and is full of magic, betrayal, friendship, and adventure. I love Guinevere and the struggles she has in this book. Being Guinevere but not Guinevere leaves an emptiness in her that nobody can fill. The relationship between Arthur and Guinevere is strained in this one because she wants more but he's still afraid to take things to the next level. Then there's Mordred who is still one of my favorite characters even after everything he's done. Kiersten White gifts us this amazing world with characters you can't help but love. I can't wait for the third.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of myths, legends, the world of King Arthur, fantasy, romance, and characters who are well developed and have their own personality.
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