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The Camelot Betrayal
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THE CAMELOT BETRAYAL by Kiersten White is the second book in her YA retelling of the King Arthur Legend. The story picks up with Guinevere and Arthur regrouping after the Dark Queen’s attack and Mordred’s deception. Surviving this event has brought them closer than ever, but their relationship is still not everything Guinevere wants, or even needs. In fact, she’s not entirely sure she can trust her own thoughts as they’ve been magically mixed up by Merlin. To make matters worse, the real Guinevere’s sister has shown up in Camelot with unclear motivations that Guinevere must uncover if she wants to stay safe. As she tries to make sense of it all, Guinevere may find that she’s been distracted from the biggest threat of all.

I love this book even more than the first one. It’s a much slower read and one that I consumed in small bites over a couple of months. Normally, I can get bored or be impatient with stories that have such a slow burn, but this held my interest the entire time and allowed me to stay in its world longer than I would have if the story was one that could be read in a single day.

My favorite part of this entire novel is the love triangle between Guinevere, Mordred, and Arthur. It works so well here because both options are valid and couldn’t be more opposite. In the third book, if Guinevere discovers her true origins, she’ll have a better understanding of who she wants to be, and which man she wants to be with. That being said, the moments when Mordred pops up in this book, or Guinevere and Arthur have sudden alone time are really what propel the story forward. Nothing about these encounters are predictable, and they always keep me waiting for the next one. I’m curious to see how this will all culminate into a satisfying conclusion.

White also does a great job at introducing tension and difficulty into Guinevere’s relationship with Lancelot, and leaves them on a huge cliffhanger. While the story is told from Guinevere’s perspective, I’m hoping that in the third book, we will get more insight into what Lancelot is feeling and thinking. As of now, she’s so stoic that it’s hard to interpret what it is she truly wants. As of yet, I can’t tell if she’ll also become a romantic interest, or if she’s the only person in Guinevere’s life who lets Guinevere be herself.

Overall, THE CAMELOT BETRAYAL takes readers on a journey, weaving the pieces for an emotional and powerful finale. I’d recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy retellings.
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