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HEIRESS APPARENTLY is a YA rom-com with deep themes that make it such an engaging and captivating read. Gemma is taking a gap year after high school to pursue her dream of acting in LA. Her parents do not love this idea, as they think she should go to college first, but they are generally supportive, offering to help pay rent for the 2-bedroom apartment she shares with two other aspiring actresses. As a Chinese American, Gemma does not quite feel like she fits in the US, and the acting roles she auditions for tend to make that all too clear.

That is, until she lands a role that has the possibility to launch her career - if she can come to terms with the racist and homophobic way that the character has been written. She will be working with her idol, Eilene Deng, who is co-directing and has her own vision for the movie, despite the way that Hollywood has planned the script. To make matters more complicated, the movie is being filmed in Beijing, a place that she knows her parents came from but about which they won't speak. Gemma is hoping to connect with her roots while she is there and find a sense of belonging. When she arrives, she learns that she looks like a Chinese celebrity, Alyssa, and soon her plans are thrown for a loop.

What I loved: Although this book has an adorable romance, there are some deeper and important themes that really make the book shine. The portrayal and explanation of the harmful stereotypes in movies of Asian roles and characters is definitely a big one. I found this to be a multi-dimensional element that not only explains why they are hurtful and wrong but also why actors/actresses may be willing to play these roles and the power dynamics in action there. I also found the themes about family really well done. Not only does Gemma have to worry about her parents and how their relationship will change because of her actions, but she also understands extended family, the complicated roles they can have, and the way to forge new relationships. Gemma shows so much empathy to other characters that also play into this need for connection and deeper relationships.

I also appreciated the way that Gemma shows the feeling of "Other" being Chinese American - not really accepted in the US for the first part of that two-word phrase and not fully accepted in China for the second part. These feelings of immigrants and their descendants are, of course, very much at play still today and quite aptly portrayed.

The romance was quite strong as well, showing the importance of support, care, and understanding paving the way to a better relationship. I also really appreciated the historical and cultural context of China through Gemma's eyes - there is some interesting political background and current climate discussions that were a great addition to the book.

Final verdict: With deep, important themes and intriguing premise, HEIRESS APPARENTLY is a captivating read. Highly recommend for fans of FRANKLY IN LOVE, MORE THAN JUST A PRETTY FACE and/or 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT PINKY.
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