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fantastic new book in the Frozen world
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DANGEROUS SECRETS: THE STORY OF IDUNA AND AGNARR is a great MG/YA fantasy romance. Based on Frozen, this book tells the story of Anna and Elsa's parents, how they met, became best friends, and later fell in love. This book has a lot of tie-ins with the movies, including quotes/refrains and some characters in common that are sure to delight Frozen fans.

I really enjoyed watching them fall in love, and as fans of Frozen will know, their ending is not entirely happy. This book definitely kept my attention, and I appreciated seeing both Iduna and Agnarr's points-of-view. Together, they are so perfect, and their love is conveyed through every page. Although the brunt of the story takes place when they are teens and falling in love, I really enjoyed that the book includes scenes from when they first met, and scenes of their lives following - up until their stories tragically ended, though still happy in love.

This book felt appropriate for young YA audiences and would be great for older MG readers as well. This story really breathes life into these two characters in a way that I really enjoyed. This adds a whole new element to the series, and I loved being adjacent to the story we know from the movies, while also experiencing some new characters. The strength of their connection and love is beautiful to see.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book for fans of the Frozen movies - this book contains many of the same themes of fear of people who are different (the Northuldra people), political intrigue, the difficulty of being true to yourself, and, above all, the importance of love.
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