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I really enjoyed Skyhunter, another winner from Marie Lu. Talin is a refugee and is mute. She is a Striker, a special type of fighter, for the country of Mara. Mara is under threat from the Karensa Federation, which has invaded every other country except for Mara. Talin and her mother fled to Mara when the Federation invaded their own country Basea. Mara does not treat its refugees well. Even though Talin risks her life for Mara, she is mocked and called a "rat". The Strikers are trained to fight "ghosts", dangerous genetically modified people turned into monsters created by the Federation.
The story gets going when an unusual prisoner from the Federation is captured by Mara. He is slated for execution. Sensing something important about him, Talin advocates to spare his life.
Skyhunter is a fast paced sci-fi/fantasy/dystopian. The Federation is truly chilling in its treatment of people. There are references to an ancient society that met with an apocalyptic end, which makes the reader to want to learn more. The characters are interesting and well developed. Talin's character offers the unique perspective of that of a refugee and a mute person. Skyhunter is the first book in a series. I look forward to future installments.
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