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satisfying conclusion to a YA fantasy duology about sisters
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WARRIORS OF WING AND FLAME is an intriguing conclusion to a YA fantasy duology about sisterhood. This book picks up where the first left off with Zuhra and Inara once again together, but the world is under attack from Barloc, the jakla who has stolen others' (including Inara's) Paladin powers. Mourning the losses among them and their disconnect once again from their home world, the small group of Paladin now in the citadel must regroup and try to find a way to track and stop Barloc before he destroys humanity and the Paladin.

This book follows both Zuhra and Inara in separate points-of-view but with a focus on their inner turmoil, growth, and development. Both have been trapped in the citadel with little knowledge of the outside world, and their knowledge has now exploded in good and bad ways. They must come to terms with the changes, their losses, and own feelings before they can forge a path forward.

This book ended up being a lot more about character growth, and although the beginning was a little slow, the end feels absolutely action-packed. A lot begins happening at the end and lives are changed in unexpected ways. Overall, the main plot lines were tied up at the end. I did want to know more about their mother's transformation and some more background for Inara and her growth, but most others were tied up in one way or another.

Overall, this was a solid YA fantasy duology that I would recommend for fans of CROWN OF CORAL AND PEARL and SISTERS OF SWORD AND SONG.
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