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highly compelling, character-driven YA LGBT contemporary
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FENCE: STRIKING DISTANCE is a charming YA contemporary fiction that takes place at a boys' boarding school. We follow different members of the fencing team in alternating chapters. The team is not really a winning team, but they have so much potential. Their coach is trying to get them to work better as a team- a feat that may seem impossible- with some team-building exercises.

Throughout the book, we get individual character insights into their pasts, their presents, and their motivations. This deep internal dive into each individual is what makes the writing so highly compelling. Each of the boys is easily endeared to the reader when we see the world through his eyes- even when they seem difficult at first. I loved getting these perspectives and really studying each character. Brennan really has a gift for presenting such unique and full characters with such depth. In these dives, we fall in love with each of the boys and truly grasp who they are.

Regardless of whether readers have read the comics, FENCE: STRIKING DISTANCE is a highly compelling and character-driven YA contemporary that deserves a read. Prepare to fall in love with these young men and cheer for them as they fence, love, and grow in this enchanting read.
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