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And engaging story about how our differences shape our worldview.

The Story:
Allie and Brandon should be the perfect couple. On the outside that's exactly what they appear to be. And then a school shooting takes over the country's priorities and sweeps through their town in the form of teen-organized protests. Everyone has to say what they believe, are they with the protestors or against them.
And can a relationship survive such a monumental difference in values?

What I Loved:
This book frames the gun debate from the view points of teenagers who are the ones that have to deal with active shooter drills and the fear of just walking into their high schools. It's not about the adults making decisions for them. They're fighting back, and it's wonderful to see.
We also get to see the characters grappling with their own beliefs because nothing is set in stone, no one is unchangeable. It's a refreshing take on an old debate that's written is an easy-flowing style.

What was just okay:
I had a hard time with Brandon. At times, he was so stubborn and didn't have reasons for why. I'm not sure he even knew why he believed the way he did.
The relationship happens super quickly and could have been developed more to help us feel for the fractures that were happening.

Final Verdict:
The kind of story that's not just enjoyable, but important. It should be read by all teenagers.
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