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The Kingdom of Back
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Marie Lu’s The Kingdom of Back is an historical fantasy based on real-life talents, Wolfgang Amedeus Motzart and his sister, Maria Anna Motzart. The main character is Maria Anna, or Nannerl, as her family calls her. She is extremely talented but must hide it because she is a girl. Young women are expected to marry well and take care of the household, but Nannerl wants to be famous and remembered for her music. When her brother, whom they call Woferl, starts to become involved with composing his own music, Nannerl makes a wish that she will not be forgotten. A princeling fairy named Hyacinth comes to her and wants to help her make her wish come true, but she must help him gain his throne back. Woferl and Nannerl go to the magical land of Hyacinth’s and they name it the Kingdom of Back because everything is backwards. The tress grow upside down so that the roots are reaching toward the sky. In this land, Nannerl is asked to go up against dangers that Hyacinth cannot encounter.

I was not a fan of sci-fi and fantasy until I read this book. I had read an article about the author, Marie Lu, and wanted to read one of her works. I am so glad I started with this book. She made the made-up world of Hyacinth seem so real. It is easy to see why this book would appeal to young adult readers of today who look to escape their own reality.

The Kingdom of Back takes readers on a science-fiction adventure and explores how sibling love can overcome sibling rivalry. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fictional novels about historical figures mixed with fantasy.
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