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The Companion
(Updated: September 09, 2020)
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Everyone thinks Margot is lucky. She's the sole survivor of a horrific car crash that killed her family. While at a group home, she keeps the other girls up by screaming all night. Then she's 'chosen' to be the companion of Agatha, a girl that lives at a remote estate. Only things aren't what they seem. Sure, Agatha is quiet and almost zombie-like and the house is very old and expensive. But something isn't quiet right. Maybe things aren't so lucky after all.

What worked: This is one creepy, psychological terror novel that has you guessing what might really be going on inside the huge estate. Also what is reality vs. dreams.

I really love Alender's novels. She has a talent for showing psychological horror that is scarier than usual horror stories. And THE COMPANION is just as creepy! There's Gothic aspects where spooky ancestral paintings could come right out of a horror movie.

Margot is an orphan who isn't sure why everyone insists she's so 'lucky'. When she first meets the Suttons, the couple that take her in, they seem almost too 'perfect'. But little by little Margot catches glimpses of a 'truth' that puts her nightmares to shame. I really liked how Margot tries to fit in and help Agatha and the Suttons. And when their son shows up, there's some chemistry between them. Margot almost accepts that maybe she might fit in or at least handle being a companion to Agatha, but things happen that have her question her own sanity.

Twists and turns throughout. Surprises that took me off-guard on what really might be going on around Margot and even Agatha.

Creepy, suspenseful tale where a so-called lucky survivor finds that reality might be more painful than her nightmares. Another winning novel by Katie Alender.
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1. Creepy, psychological terror
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