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Elle is part of the glittering crowd, beautiful and untouchable, or so they believe. One night, Elle and her friends crash a St. Andrews Prep party and everything changes. The golden boys, the ones revered at St. Andrews, chose Elle as their next target that night. Afterwards, Elle swears revenge. Step one: transfer to their school. Step two: take them down one by one by using Mack, an ambitious boy with a longing for power. Elle will show them just how dark revenge can be.

FOUL IS FAIR is such a creative spin on Macbeth. I love that it centers Elle, her story, her anger, and her vengeance. This is a tale of revenge fantasy and the intensity will have you speeding through the chapters.

Given the source material, the cast of secondary characters is fairly lengthy. I found myself frequently mixing up some of the boys and sometimes having a hard time distinguishing which person in Elle's coven is which. However, as Elle takes each boy out, this does become easier because the options narrow.

While I love the unique take, there are areas where the willing suspension of disbelief is stretched a little thin. Some of the scenarios don't seem entirely plausible given it's a contemporary setting.

FOUL IS FAIR is ideal for readers who enjoyed Robin Talley's AS I DESCENDED and don't mind their stories a little bloody.
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