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Having loved the original Fair Assassin books, I was cautiously optimistic about this new duology continuing Sybella's story and introducing new characters. After reading it, I think this may have been better to tie specifically to the prior series (book 4 instead of book 1 in a new duology) because it picks up right where MORTAL HEART ends. Sybella is accompanying the Duchess to France where she will wed the king and finally end the long war. Unfortunately, the French court is almost as deadly as the battlefield they just left, and Sybella must figure out a way to keep everyone she loves safe. Meanwhile, we meet a new character, Genevieve. She was placed as a spy in a Count's household 5 years ago and has had no directions from the Abbey since. When she learns devastating news, she decides to journey to the French court to make herself useful, but the journey there is filled with snags and stumbles. As Genevieve and Sybella's paths start to cross, the stakes are higher than ever to avoid another war and more lost lives.

Sybella is such a fantastic character, and I enjoyed seeing the loose threads of her prior ending start to resolve in unexpected ways. She had such growth in DARK TRIUMPH, but the road to trust and love in yourself and those around you is rarely a straight line. She is faced with old and new challenges in the French court. I particularly enjoyed the focus on her relationship with the Duchess as she becomes queen.

Genevieve is a wonderful addition to the prior trio of young women in this series. She's brash, at the end of her rope, and angry. She's had silence for so long, lost a dear friend, and feels trapped in every avenue left available to her. I love her spunk and determination to do something good, even if she's looking in the wrong direction. She also develops a possibly star-crossed romance with a prisoner in the household she was stuck at who is connected to her story more than she could ever imagine.

I highly recommend doing a read (or reread) of the original trilogy before diving into IGNITING DARKNESS. Regardless, IGNITING DARKNESS was a fantastic addiction to the world of St. Mortain and his daughters.

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