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lush, atmospheric, and full of compelling characters
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FABLE is a fascinating YA fantasy that takes on a sea voyage. Fable is a young woman whose father left her on a remote island after a devastating shipwreck that killed her mother. She has scraped by for years, bartering with the trading ships to get coins for the raw metal around the island as a dredger. She almost has enough coin to barter her passage on one of the trading ships, which she hopes to use so that she can find her father and prove her worthiness.

However, word is spreading among the other dredgers about her coin, and when she is attacked, she flees for her life, heading to a ship she has come to know for trading. Once onboard, her journey is sure to be difficult and certainly unexpected.

What I loved: The world building is lush and the whole book is quite atmospheric. I got lost in this other world with its sea faring trades and intense rules. I loved Fable, her memories, and the way that things are explained as we need them. The story flows so well that I was surprised by how quickly I was moving through the pages. The crew of the ship she finds contained characters that were highly intriguing, and I loved the shroud of mystery around them all. As we learn more about them, I wanted to know everything. Such highly compelling characters are included throughout the book, and it made me enjoy it all the more.

This is the best book I've read by Young yet, and I am so excited that it will be part of a series. As a warning, there is a cliffhanger at the end of this one, so be prepared to eagerly await the next installment.

Final verdict: Lush, atmospheric, and with compelling characters, FABLE is the start to an exciting new YA fantasy series that I cannot wait to continue. Highly recommend for fans of THE LAST VOYAGE OF POE BLYTHE and/or ALL THE STARS AND TEETH.
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