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NONE SHALL SLEEP is an engaging YA psychological thriller. The book follows Emma Lewis, who in the past was captured by a serial killer and survived. She is still dealing with the trauma, as this is something you don't really ever get over, but she is now in college and studying child psychology. When she is approached by an FBI agent, Cooper, who asks her to join a new task force designed to learn from juvenile serial killers, Emma is not sure if she can take it.

However, her desire to overcome her past leads her to accept the position. She is working with Travis Bell, a young man who is heading into law enforcement. Travis's father was killed by a serial killer in the line of duty. As they begin their job of interviewing juvenile serial killers, they soon learn that Cooper was not completely honest, and their work will take them to Simon, the sociopathic serial killer who was dubbed The Artist by the media for the way that he set up the bodies of his victims.

Simon knows about the current serial killer who is killing teenagers in Pennsylvania, but he is not forthcoming with his information. As Emma dives into the case, she becomes involved in a way she never would have anticipated with the hope of saving potential future victims.

The book has a slow pace at the beginning before we get to the end escalation that really speeds up. I was intrigued by the mystery and the connections of the characters that really kept me reading through it. The book felt pretty timeless, though the description gives the year, and I appreciated this lack of obvious time. I am really intrigued by the idea of young people working with the FBI, and though it may not be realistic, I would definitely read more stories with Emma and Travis teaming up.

The tidbits we get about Emma's past are really interesting and build her character story without taking us back into it. I overall really enjoyed this book and its mix of mystery, procedural, and psychological thriller. I would recommend for people who enjoyed TRULY DEVIOUS or THE BODY FINDERS series.
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