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It can be difficult to retell a tale as well-known as Pride and Prejudice, but Zoboi's retelling modernizes the story without compromising events. The Afro-Latinx Benitez family is full of remarkable characters, they live and practice their cultural traditions with pride, and it's unapologetically, delightfully Black.

All the same, it's hard to come up with anything to say about it. It's a diversified P&P retelling and (to me) even more charming to read than the original. I like retellings of P&P more than the book itself, so anyone can challenge me to a fight on that. The book's continuity is a bit of a mess in ways that stick out. For instance, minor character Colin starts the summer being twenty-one years old and manages to end that same summer being nineteen years old.

If you want a breezy summer read and love P&P, you should pick up Pride.
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