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I'm not very into reading fantasy (so I might not be the best person to review this). But I was honestly interested in reading this. That cover was really amazing and I really liked it. But the story didn't really land to well in my opinion.

As I was reading this, I thought it had a Cinderella-ish feel in the story. There are no evil step mother and step sisters here. But you might count the fair ones as the evil step-people here. You know, considering how their society is.

There are some stuff that I do like. I do like how they're romance was put together. It's a forbidden romance troupe and I thought it wasn't too bad. Not too swoony but it was more focused on the adventure. I also like the fair ones society. It was quite intriguing and good.

Overall, it was an okay book. this is definitely for the fantasy buffs.

*This book was a giveaway, and in exchange I will give an honest review.
Good Points
~ good romance
~ really good fair one society
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