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Young Adult Fiction 728
Heavy, yet Riveting.
(Updated: July 01, 2020)
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Cracked up to be is an unsettling tale of a girl on the cusp of a mental breakdown for over 200 pages; for a reason, the reader won’t discover fully until the very last few chapters. From the onset, Parker is an unreliable narrator; in that, you never know what she’s going to do, though you don’t imagine it’s going to be anything good. She’s short-tempered while being completely mild-tempered. She’s snarky without a visual bite, and she’s pretty awful towards everyone she encounters; even the new kid, Jake, whom she knows for all of a second.

Parker is hard to grasp. On the one hand, you empathize with her because it’s clear something is rattling her, but on the other hand, you don’t understand how being crass and stand-offish helps her at all.

The secondary characters bring a sort of light to the story, and they’re integral in understanding Parker as a whole; which having completed the novel, still leaves this reader feeling a bit untethered.

Cracked Up to Be is an odd tale about an interesting girl with a spattering of romance that’s hard to appreciate with the clog of mental mush. Not going to be for everyone.
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