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This is one of those books that a reader can learn from. This is the first YA book that I read that talks about being intersex. And I think that's special.

We have Kristin, the popular homecoming queen who's actually nice. And I like that she was characterized like that because it has that hero-to-zero troupe kind of thing. And we don't see that too often. I really like how the story goes and how she handles it.

I also have to mention all of Kristin's relationships in this book. Her relationship with her father, friends, boyfriend, new people she meets, her doctors, like everything was very well put together.

This book really thought me a lot about intersex and how they see themselves. And how it could be so difficult navigating through something like this. I really liked the book.

If anything, I did think the book kind of ended abruptly... Like the ending was rushed in a way. And I'm stil confused as to how every person in her school learned about Kristin being inetersex.

I listened to the audiobook version, and the narrator did such a good job with it. I really like how she brought the emotions to the book and how she voiced Kristen.
Good Points
~ learn about intersex
~ relationships with the MC is great
~ also talks about mental health
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