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THE LOST CITY is a highly engaging YA fantasy read about Ulla, a troll. Trolls are secretive creatures who live hidden from, but sometimes interacting with, humans. Ulla was left at an Inn when she was an infant and has always wanted to know more about where she came from and what her ancestry is. Now that she is an adult, she has secured a internship at Mimirin, where they conduct research into troll ancestry and may be able to help her figure out who her parents were.

Once she arrives, she learns that the process will be much harder than she thinks and that the answers may be difficult to find. At the same time, she is managing the stowaway (Hanna) who came with her and a mysterious girl Hanna has befriended.

What I loved: This was really engaging, and I overall really enjoyed reading it. There's a lot about trolls and their history with a touch of their mythology, and the world is built really well. The mysteries about Ulla's history and everything about the mysterious Eliana really propel the plot forward. This is somewhat of a finding-herself book mixed with bigger potential conspiracies and plots that we only glimpse in this first book.

The characters and the world are constructed well here, without huge data dumps or any slow parts of the book. Even if you have not read the series this one spins off of, it is easy to follow and understand. It definitely has me wanting to read the next book. The characters are really interesting and I really want to know more about them. We get a good picture of current personalities of all the main characters, but I feel like they all have stories I want to learn. As a smaller point, I also really love that Ulla is attractive and not thin.

What left me wanting more: I felt like I have more questions and answers, but this may be due to the large amount of information we learn and setting up for the rest of the series.

Final verdict: An enthralling YA fantasy that takes place in our current world, THE LOST CITY gives us unique characters, an interesting premise, and a fully constructed universe that I am eager to learn more about.
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