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deep characters and new insights make this a great companion to the Netflix show
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PATH OF NIGHT is another great installment of the books based on the Netflix show, CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA. This book takes place in between Parts 2 and 3 of the show and follows the main characters through several points-of-view. Sabrina and her friends, Roz, Theo, and Harvey, are trying to find a way to save Nick, who is trapped in hell. Ambrose is traveling with Prudence to help her find her father, who has taken her brother and sister. Hilda and Zelda are managing to control a house of witches and warlocks who were displaced when the Academy was destroyed.

What I loved: The books are heavily introspective and delve into each character in a way that makes them more whole, flawed, and lovely. I particularly appreciated the insight into Nick in this book, and the beautiful thoughts of Nick, as well as Ambrose, Theo, and the other key characters. There is something really special about meeting these characters in a book, and Brennan really takes us deeper into their psyche and thought processes in a way that enhances the characters we know on the surface from the show.

This book focuses a lot on love, its necessity and its complexity. A lot of characters are driven by love, even if they don't want to be, and their other thoughts are in conflict because of it. There is the love of friends, the love between former-lovers-now-friends, between family, and between the families that people make. All of these are complex, beautiful, and so genuine in the book.

There is also a nice touch of adventure, with the quest(s) that the "Fright Club" (e.g. Sabrina, Roz, Harvey, and Theo) go on with the Lady of the Lake to find the tools they need to rescue Nick. I also really appreciate the touches of humor throughout, as there are subtle touches of comedy among the macabre. There are also some really insightful/thought-provoking moments throughout as well. A particular favorite of mine is the side conversation about the inherent misogyny of the Phoenix in the X-Men movies, with how powerful women need to be subdued/destroyed.

Final verdict: PATH OF NIGHT is an excellent companion book to the Netflix show that gives us deeper characterizations and new insights into the characters we love. Highly recommend for fans of the show or for fans of thought-provoking YA fantasy.
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