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Bone Crier's Moon by Kathryn Purdie Revie
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There is honestly so much that happened in this book and I’m not quite sure where to start. First, the concept of this book was absolutely amazing. It took no time at all to be completely swept up in this world of the bone criers. The concept of what they do was so unique and I loved learning the history of who they were and what their purpose is for. At moments, it really made me think if I could do something like that or are they correct in their ways? But how do you know your ways are wrong if it’s all you’ve ever known? Which brings us to the main plot! Ailesse ends up being taken captive by Bastien, the boy she is supposed to kill. Bastien doesn’t understand why Ailesse does what she does but all he knows is how it has affected his life. While Bastien learns more about Ailesse and her bone criers work, so do we. I loved these history lessons and the symbols and how everything connects. It was honestly so fascinating. There was so much world building that I just couldn’t get enough of it. The plot itself was expected but every second was an enjoyable read. Everything moved at a great pace, never leaving long pauses in the book. The end of the book really grasped my attention and I can’t wait to see what the second book brings.

Here it goes. All of these characters were absolutely amazing. It’s hard to say who I enjoyed more because each time the POV switched, I never minded. This really did help with the pacing of the novel as well. Could it have been successful with just one POV? Probably, but I’m glad the author decided to give us all views. Ailesse was so great and I really enjoyed her progression. All she has ever wanted was to become a bone crier and prove herself to her mother. I think in the end, she proved to herself that she has always been capable and that is enough. Bastien had such a developmental character as well. He went from wanting revenge to understanding why the roles of bone crier’s are important. But was it enough? AND THEN THE TENSION! Oh, enemies to lovers… how you never let me down. Then there is Sabine… oh Sabine. While her role was much different her character growth was something else. Her whole life was being Ailesse’s best friend and wanting to protect her. Throughout the book, Sabine grows into this character who is just fascinating. I cannot wait to see what progress she brings in the next book.

Overall, Bone Crier’s Moon by Kathryn Purdie was such a unique read. There were so many aspects about this book that just worked. I loved the story and the world that she presented and I’m hoping we get even more of it in the second book. The characters in this story are ones that you easily become attached to and truly want to follow what happens to them. If you love enemies to lovers with magic and a little bit of a darker tone, then you’ll want to pick this book up. It has easily become one of my favorite enemies to lovers books.
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